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Introduction [Apr. 8th, 2005|10:58 pm]
PDD Signing

I'm rainbow. I have Asperger's Syndrome and I'm currently learning ASL.

One thing I find very difficult about ASL is the fact that it requires you to look at people. You have to look at someone when you're signing to them, and you have to look at them in order to read their signing to you. And you have to rely on facial expressions as well. I'm completely at a loss when it comes to facial expression. During our last class my sign teacher made faces at us and asked us to guess what she was feeling from her facial expression. To me all her expressions looked the same.

How do other AS/HFA people deal with this? What do you do about facial expression?
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2005|12:54 am]
PDD Signing
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Signing for Autistics [Jan. 13th, 2005|04:54 pm]
PDD Signing

Just posting a little note to explain my take on the subject of "signing for autistics". It works sorta like this...

Picture-thinking autistics (HFA rather than Aspergers, especially) naturally think in pictures. This means that we naturally have much less trouble dealing with a visual communications medium. Many "lower-function" picture-thinking autistics lack the ability to speak entirely, but often write very effectively and understandably.

For those higher up the function chain (if you believe in such a thing - I'm not convinced it's not just a construct of neurotypicals trying to classify us), speaking is possible, but might not always be easy. It requires a decent amount of focus to accomplish, and when stim levels get high, even those of us who are ostensibly "high functioning" often find ourselves losing that ability.

At times like that, we run for the closest visual communications medium. Many of us will communicate to people sitting next to us through irc or other computer-based methods. But a computer may not always be handy.

While ASL has the connotation of being a language for deaf people, it has the unique quality of being a completely visual language. It's often just as useful for the picture-thinking autistic as it is for the deaf.

My partner, sarahemm often loses the ability to speak for extended periods. I occasionally do the same. Given the choice, I tend to prefer visual methods, although I am usually able to speak. And so I'm learning ASL - and thoroughly enjoying it.
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signingness and nonverbalness [Jan. 13th, 2005|01:30 pm]
PDD Signing

[Current Mood |happyhappy]

i spent from the time i left work yesterday until work this morning (err, actually i said a few things to solar_angel before i left for work this morning i think) not speaking aloud... ASL rocks. it makes it a *lot* easier to communicate when i'm like that. it made it much, much easier on me anxiety-wise.
1. signing is much more difficult in low light when in bed. well, the signing is still easy, it's the reading sign that's hard.
2. my partners are wonnnnderful and understanding and helpful. solar_angel helped when we were out at the trans drop-in thingie yesterday with a little interpreting when i was trying to get stuff across to others, and both solar_angel and tepsinnej are completely totally understanding about all this. woot.
3. i can communicate a remarkable amount with the little sign vocabulary i have, some improvised sign-slang, and fingerspelling.
4. it's very difficult to ask people to move out of the way so you can get past them and get off the subway at your stop when you're not speaking. if you're reading this and you're one of the people that i gently pushed out of the way as i was trying to get out, sorry! you wouldn't move away from blocking the door as i was walking towards it and motioning that i needed to exit, and i had a very short time before the doors closed :P

meow. yay.

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